Software and IT Support!

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Grow our business, save time and create beautiful custom software that delivers outstanding results.
Our team can help scope, design and build your next product.

Software Development

Damami offers full-cycle software development services. We support various platforms, technologies and integrations in order to ensure our customers' needs are met. We use data as fuel to solve user problems and build practical applications. We use agile development cycles and sprints in order to reduce long deployment cycles.

QA & Testing

Aspire supports customers by providing them with QA application testing services to fit their specific needs. We have a dedicated team that delivers end-to-end management of the entire testing suite, combining automated and manual approaches in order to ensure your final product runs smoothly and meets performance, security and functionality standards. Our WA and Testing services help you improve retention, user-conversion and to maximize the ROI of your product.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a journey, it requires a cultural and mindset change, along with a complete analysis and implementation plan. Aspire's technology strategy service offers a full analysis providing you with a 360° view of your IT environment, technologies and services currently in use. This is a fundamental part of our Full IT Support offering, allowing you to focus and enhance your business objectives. From cloud strategy to migration, we offer a full end-to-end service supporting you along the way.

Mobile Development

Aspire has a solid record of supporting customers in developing and launching robust, secure and scalable applications by using industry best practices. We are on top of the ever-changing mobile landscape by providing full-cycle services, enabling our customers to build outstanding IOS, android and cross-platform applications. We help you to deploy applications faster while increasing mobile applications reliability and scalability.

Cloud & DevOps

DevOps at Aspire is a part of our culture and engineering practices. We use a lean and an agile DevOps approach in order to optimize resources, shorten development cycles and achieve operational visibility. We collaborate, review and roll-back quickly due to our continuous development cycles, utilizing containerization technologies in order to deliver dynamic environments that are able to auto scale and auto heal. After our analysis, a DevOps methodology will be implemented in order to create the appropriate culture, ensuring the elimination of bottlenecks in the development and delivery pipeline and identifying key business challenges. Aspire's end goal is to create a scalable solution where business, development and operations can work together harmoniously.

Professional Services

Aspire's global exposure allows us to bring cutting-edge technologies, emerging trends and best practices to local markets. Our Professional services offering will ensure the optimal operation of your IT infrastructure. With our offering the overall total cost of IT operations can be reduced, IT assets can be optimized and uptime can be improved, providing a higher ROI. Aspire's Design, UX and UI services cares about all aspects, from conceptualization to design, from brand identity to usability and experience, providing more than just top-notch UX/UI development services. Our IT Support Managed Service offering provides you with flexibility and reliability through a diverse set of options providing continuous uptime. Our 24/7 Support can be extended into your own teams to enable the seamless hand-off of Incidents, Service Requests, Problems and Changes for fast resolution of service tickets round-the-clock.

Aspire provides-support and services in the following areas: